Manicure & Nail Enhancement

woman getting her nails painted dark

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At Cory’s, we realize that hands and feet deserve special attention. Allow our nail technician to pamper and nurture these two often neglected areas. Our primary concern is hygiene, therefore, each and every implement is disinfected along with our pedicure tubs. Any nail file, foot file, pedicure slippers used for your service are yours to take with you for your home care.

Manicure & Nail Enchancements

Service Price
French Manicure $32
Manicure with Paraffin $40
Polish Change $16
Shellac Polish Change $25
French Polish Technique $7
Acrylic Fill $27
Pink and White Fill $42
Acrylic Full Set $54
French Fullset $68
Nail Repair $5
Acrylic Removal with Manicure $36
Polish Change and Buff on Toes $24
Dips for nails $40

Lavender Manicure

Lavender scented exfoliating scrub is applied to the hand & lower arm and gently massaged, leaving your skin soft and refreshed. This is our traditional manicure, includes shaping the nails and care for the cuticles. Complete the treatment with a polish of your choice.


Cory’s Champagne Manicure

A truly exotic manicure experience. Your hands and lower arms are massaged with a Champagne & Rose scrub followed by a rich application of Champagne and Rose Butter Cream.


Soothing Paraffin Hand Treatment

Treat your deserving hands to a gentle massage with our special blend of A, D, & E moisturizer, rich in vitamins and soothing herbs. Your hands are then immersed in a warm paraffin bath. Once coated they’re wrapped in cozy terry mitts, leaving your delicate skin silky smooth.

Service Price
Hands $16
Elbows $9

Cranberry Manicure

Along with our traditional manicure, a delicious fragrance for your senses which will leave your hands feeling younger, smoother, and renewed.


My First Manicure

A mini-manicure for our young guests 6-12 years of age.


Shellac Manicure

Would you believe a manicure that really lasts for 14 days? Forget oversize handbags, statement necklaces, and sky high stilettos. A shellac manicure is the “+” accessory. There is no damage to your nails and it will help to strengthen your natural nail.


Men’s Sports Manicure

We start out with a basic nail shaping and cuticle trimming. Enjoy our extensive hand and arm massage, your nails are then matte buff or high gloss buff.


Moroccan Bliss Manicure